Friday, June 7, 2013

We Are Starting Over!

     This Blog was on the idea of having Book Bloggers get together and chat with people who share the common love of READING! It kind of slacked behind due to people having such busy lives but we would really like to re-invigorate the site so we are currently accepting application for those who would like to help run the site! We are looking for people who could moderate chats, make posts and help organize events and giveaways. This site has a lot of potential and we need YOU to help this site reach the peak of its potential!
*13 years old+
*6+ months of blogging experience
* Knows how to manage time
*Knowledge on how to edit post and schedule them
*HTML experience would be a plus
* Graphicdesign experience would also be a plus
How to Apply
*You can apply by filling out the form below and leaders who are accepted will be notified by the email that they provide

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